Spring Cleaning Ideas

Warmer weather is on the way which means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! It may be on your list to tackle the closets full of winter coats and clean out the garage to make room for more gardening tools, your car may not receive the full TLC it deserves. A few quick and easy DIY

5 Reasons the Check Engine Light is On

The check engine light is one of the least understood warning lights that is on the dashboard of your car. Seeing it come on could mean anything from a small issue to a major technical problem. If you see your check engine light come on as you start your car, and immediately go off, your

Going Green

Automobiles are well known for their environmental impact, and while hybrid and electric vehicles are on the rise, most of us are still fuel-powered travelers. Read on for a few simple tips on how you can lessen the environmental impact of your vehicle… Consolidate your trips. Plan your errands based on location, and practice efficiency

The Importance of Regular Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is important to both your vehicle and your budget. Though every vehicle owners manuals clearly outlines your suggested maintenance schedule, nearly 80% of vehicles on the road have at least one component needing maintenance at any given time. What maintenance services should you be keeping up with, and what are the potential risks